Shipping Rates


We operate a weight based shipping policy. For updated pricing, please see the table below.

Up to 2kg£2.09
2kg – 5kg£4.49
5kg – 10kg£5.29
10kg – 20kg£5.99
20kg – 25kg£6.99
25kg – 30kg£11.75
30kg – 35kg£19.25
35kg – 40kg£19.75
40kg – 45kg£22.75
45kg – 50kg£23.75
50kg – 55kg£27.25
55kg – 60kg£28.75
60kg – 65kg£29.75
65kg – 70kg£31.25
Above 70kg£40

We are currently updating our catalogue prices. Please bare with us! You can still get in touch for a quote 😊
In the meantime, our checkout process has been disabled whilst we work on this.